Suspect (2024)

Director: Ming-Sing Wong
Cast: Nick CheungNick CheungNick CheungZhang Yi ShangPatrick TamNiki ChowMichael TongSammy HungBao Wen JingWang Zun

Release: 2024

Description: Due to a hypnosis murder case, a former policeman Guo Wenbin with hyperthymesia gets involved with a highly intelligent murderer challenging judicial justice. The suspect openly challenges the law and claims to be a vigilante, using bizarre means to eradicate violence. There is panic among the general public, with lives at stake and much doubt floating around. With his extraordinary memory, he works hard to uncover the mystery of this police-versus-criminal game. Hypnotized at the decisive moment, he uses his subconscious to fight against the instigation of his dark side “Suspect Zero.” He uncovers the truth about the murder and the tragedy behind it, curbing the dark side of human nature and upholding judicial justice. While redeeming himself, he also brings the real culprit to justice.